Maple Springs Farm

maple springs farm

We raise cattle that are hormone and antibiotic free. They are 100% grass fed and grass finished as they are never fed grain. Our cows are born on our farm and stay there until they are sent to processing. Our pigs are pasture raised and are able to forage in the field and woods where they live. They do receive a diet of wheat and soybeans to supplement their forage but the feed is grown by us. We grow non GMO soybeans to maintain as much product purity as possible.

Our homemade lye soap is made from fat gathered during pig processing. It is rendered into lard in a large cast iron kettle and used in our soap. This soap is extremely gentle but effective in cleaning your skin while leaving it refreshed and moisturized.

The canned goods we provide are processed in a licensed commercial kitchen and Tracy has a Better Process Control School Certification. We grow our own vegetables and use local ingredients for spices and seasonings when possible.

We, David and Tracy, both grew up farming with our families and have carried on that tradition, doing things like our grandparents did, whenever possible. We try to be as organic and natural as we can in all our endeavors. More than anything, we work with smiles on our faces because we love what we do. Please come and visit us at the market. Just look for the ‘little red barn’!